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About Lois and Jerry

Lois and Jerry are inseparable, and have been since their beginning back in 1977.  Best friends.  Soul Mates. Happily married couple.  None of these phrases come close to describing what they have and built with clear intention.
They've always sought to live a life without regret, and to find and build the positive in the world around them.  They are magnetized and inspired by kindness they find in others.
Lois left her position with a major annuity corporation, to spend more time with her parents.  4 years later, her mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and lost that battle just 3 months later.  How fortunate that Lois was able to spend such wonderful time, not knowing how quickly things would change.
After leaving the tech world as a software developer at Microsoft for 11+ years, Jerry joined Lois and the two of them launched into the business world as commercial photographers.  Since then, they've experienced and always welcomed new adventures, and learned how to adjust to living with unknowns.
Through the camera, they've worked with celebrities and global rock stars, numerous Pacific Northwest businesses and organizations, and have seen their work published in journals and publications around the world.  In their adventures, they've always looked for ways to give back, following the notion of "a rising tide floats all boats".
Little did they ever expect that the giant unknown of Cancer would show up to define their new "normal".
They are tremendously grateful and deeply appreciative of how the music, animal, and business communities have rallied to support and nurture them through this very long and sometimes terrifying ordeal.
To see a little more of their work, please visit their website, www.jerryandlois.com

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