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LoisPalooza 2019

Help Lois Beat Cancer!

The Cause: Fighting Stage IV Colon Cancer

After a Stage IV Colon Cancer diagnosis in February 2017, Lois and husband Jerry have been in the fight for their lives.  Together over 42 years, this is the single largest challenge they've ever faced.
For the past 2 1/2 years, they've endured heavy chemo, massive surgery, more chemo, and radiation which have all taken their toll, physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. New tumors discovered in her liver last fall have necessitated radiation treatments to try and get these under control as soon as possible.
The goal of this benefit is to help them raise much-needed finances so they can continue their battle against this horrific, life-consuming disease.

History and Blog

Jerry has maintained an extensive history on their health journey since the initial diagnosis.
Besides the need for personal event/record keeping, the intent is to also document keystone elements that other cancer patients may benefit from and shape this into a simple, easy-to-read survivor's guide.  A partial list of topics includes:
- significant challenges
- successes
- solutions
- practises to avoid
- unexpected risks and surprises
- medical procedures and various types of scans
- definitions of the basics
- nutrition
- the mental game and resources for strengthening this
- how to survive
- medical marijuana and reliable resources for information and products
- side-effects of chemo and radiation
For more info, please visit his blog:  www.HelpLoisBeatCancer.org and click on the Updates tab

If you aren't able to attend this wonderful event in person, please consider making a donation to Lois' GoFundMe via the DONATE button below.
Thank you!